"We change the world,

one Design Sprint at a time"


The Design Sprint, created by Google Ventures and described in their book ‘Sprint', is a 5-day process to create products, services and business concepts, through design, prototyping, and testing with actual customers. 

It combines strategy, innovation, UX, concept creation, design, lean development, design thinking and more.


By working together in a sprint, you can shortcut endless debate cycles and compress months of work into a single week. Instead of waiting to launch a minimal product to understand if an idea is any good. We’ll gather clear insights by testing the prototype with actual users or customers on the 5th day. 

The Design Sprint gives a super-power: You can fast-forward into the future to see and test the finished product with real customers, before making any expensive commitments. 

 how it works 

1. Problem Framing

What is the problem for who and why? That is the starting point before we kick off any Design Sprint.

2. practical preparations

Before we start the sprint we need to discuss who the sprint team will be, where the location will be and other practicalities before we can get started.

3. Running the DESIGN Sprint

All preparations are done, our challenge is clear and we're now ready to kick off our Design Sprint! Depending on your needs we provide 2, 3, 4 and 5 day sprints. 

4. Next steps

After the Design Sprint, we have a lot of new insights and a tested prototype, which is a solid base to build on further. Depending on the outcome we help you with setting up the next steps like validation, building your MVP and going live with a soft launch. 


"The Design Sprint was a highly valuable experience for everyone involved. Managing the group dynamics, forcing a focused way of working under time pressure, utilising the intentional dropping of details with only one goal in mind - the visualisation of the hard work in a prototype on day 5. Certainly a valuable experience and highly recommended for further innovation journeys."

Deliverables Sprint week

1. Validated problem / challenge definition
2. Validated customer segment 
3. Vision + mission statement 
4. (In)validated prototype 
5. Customer insights 
6. Stakeholder pitch deck 
7. Clear focus on next steps


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We are a community of experienced

freelance Design Sprint Facilitators, Designers and Customer Experience Experts, in the world of corporate innovation.

Together we provide our clients with a clear direction and innovation framework, that brings new propositions, products, services and platforms to the next level, through creating and testing new propositions with your actual customers.


We like transparency and clarity, therefore we have packages to choose from, all with a fixed price. No fuss about hours or additional 'surprise' costs. 

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