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I am a Design Thinking & Design Sprint expert, helping my clients create future proof  processes, products, platforms, services and new business propositions
(also remotely)

The Sprint Agency


Over the last 7 years I have facilitated more than 175+ Design Sprints and I've had the pleasure to help many companies with their innovation challenges on longer term Design Thinking projects

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And proud Design Sprint facilitation contributor to our innovation partner oneUp & clients: 


What is Design Thinking?

In a nutshell, Design thinking is an approach to problem-solving that focuses on understanding user needs, generating creative ideas, and testing solutions through experimentation. It involves empathizing with users to gain insights, ideating to generate a range of possible solutions, and prototyping to refine and improve ideas. Ultimately, it aims to create innovative solutions that effectively address the challenges faced by users.

 How it looks like in real life 

"The Design Sprint gives you a super-power:

You can fast-forward into the future to see -and test the finished product with real customers, before making any expensive commitments." 
Jake Knapp - Google Ventures, writer of the book Sprint

1. Problem Framing

What is the problem for who and why? That is the starting point before we kick off any Design Sprint.

2. practical preparations

Before we start the sprint we need to discuss who the sprint team will be, where the location will be and other practicalities before we can get started.

3. Running the DESIGN Sprint

All preparations are done, our challenge is clear and we're now ready to kick off our Design Sprint! 

4. Next steps

After the Design Sprint, we have a lot of new insights and a tested prototype, which is a solid base to build on further. Depending on the outcome we help you with setting up the next steps like validation, building your MVP and going live with a soft launch. 

How it works

Create, prototype, test & validate the solution to your biggest future business challenges in just 5 days 


The 5-Day Design Sprint Program







 Finally we will test it with real customers


Select best solutions to move forward with


Build a prototype of our new product / service


Clarify and focus on the problem to solve


Generate solutions to the problem

The Design Sprint, is a 5-day process to create products, services and business concepts, through design, prototyping, and testing with your actual customers. 

It combines strategy, innovation, UX, concept creation, design, lean development, design thinking and more.


By working together in a sprint, you can shortcut endless debate cycles and compress months of work into a single week. Instead of waiting to launch a minimal product to understand if an idea is any good. We’ll gather clear insights by testing the prototype with actual users or customers on the 5th day. 

The Design Sprint gives a super-power: You can fast-forward into the future to see and test the finished product with real customers, before making any expensive commitments. 

Sprint programs

The Sprint Agency

Design Sprint: 

Facilitator & Designer

Running a full design sprint with your team requires a facilitator to guide the process and a designer who will be able to build the prototype. 

What you get: 

- All preparations & meetings

- The 4-hour problem framing kick off

- Online tools & materials

- Facilitator & designer 

- A clickable prototype 

- Usability testing 

- Report out deck 

The Sprint Agency

Design Sprint: 

Facilitator only

In case your company already has a designer with prototyping skills to join the sprint team, we can offer you an experienced facilitator to guide the sprint team during the week.

What you get:

- All preparations & meetings

- The 4-hour problem framing kick off

- Online tools & materials

- Facilitator 

- A clickable prototype 

- Usability testing 

- Report out deck 

The Sprint Agency

Quick prototyping: 

Facilitator + Designer

In case your company already has a concept in mind and wishes to develop this into a prototype, we advise you to choose the 3-day prototyping session. The facilitator will guide the prototyping process and the designer will make sure your vision comes to life in a clickable prototype, which we will test with actual customers / users. 

What you get:

- All preparations & meetings

- Facilitator & Designer

- A clickable prototype 

- Usability testing 

The Sprint Agency helped us with a Design Sprint for our new platform product. I highly recommend this agency if you want a fast and creative execution. Fantastic work! Thank you!

David Wenk - ThinkProject

Deliverables of the Design Sprint 

1. Validated problem / challenge definition
2. Validated customer segment 
3. Vision + mission statement 
4. FINALISED prototype 
5. Customer insights 
6. Stakeholder pitch deck 
7. Clear focus on next steps

Lonneke Boonzaaijer

Corporate Innovator,
Venture Builder &
Design Sprint Facilitator

About me

Hi! My name is Lonneke Boonzaaijer, I am 38 years old and have 18 years of experience in startup -and corporate strategic innovation. 

I work as a Design Thinking expert, Design Sprint facilitator, Lean Startup coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner, CX validation expert. 

My specialty is Design Sprint facilitation -and applying Design Thinking principles in larger organizations. 

I help companies to implement

 Design Thinking principles, 

create new impactful processes, business propositions, platforms -and services. 

Want to get to know me?

Please contact me here below :)


Applying the Design Thinking principles is not always a 'one size fits all' solution, therefore I provide programs, as well as a variety of fixed design sprint programs

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