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Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. How many people can join in a sprint team? 

We always advise not to invite more than 8 people in a sprint. This ensures we will maintain a clear focus and avoid big group discussions. 

2. How long should I start planning before a Design Sprint? 

In order to kick-off a successful sprint we advise to start with preparations no later than 2 weeks in advance. We will help you get ready with regard to all boxes than need to be ticked off. 

3. Is a Design Sprint a good idea for my industry? 

Over the years we have seen that the Design Sprint format is applicable to all sorts of industries, from banking, to aviation, medical care, insurance, online of offline new business concept creation, for startups, scale-ups, sme's or corporates. The program facilitates a hands-on approach that can be used in any industry and by any team. 

4. What kind of specialties do you need in a Design Sprint team? 

We have learned and seen that diversity and different skill sets as well as mindsets are always a good idea to involve in the Design Sprint team. This gives us the opportunity to reflects from multiple perspectives and therefore gives us a more objective focus, as to what solution we need to create for your customers, clients or users. 

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