Welcome to the holy grail of   innovation: The Design Sprint! 

 Innovation made easy and fun. 

The Design Sprint gives you a super-power:

You can fast-forward into the future to see and test the finished product with real customers, before making any expensive commitments. 

During a 5-day (or less) sprint program we help you by defining the company problem or challenge and work through the program, in order come up with the solution in the form of a prototype, which we test on the last day of the Design Sprint. 

The Design Sprint program

Monday: Stating the long term goal, mapping out the customer journey and interviewing experts. 

Tuesday: Searching for inspiring examples, lightning demo's, the 4-step sketch. 

Wednesday: The Art Museum, dot-voting, rumble -or all in 1, storyboarding. 

Thursday: Today is all about prototyping! 

Friday: Time to test the prototype with actual customers, clients or users.